His Grace makes me who I am

Believer” by Rhett Walker

“I walk a bit different now
Now that my heart’s been found
Nothing really feels the same
I hold my head a bit higher
I lift my voice a bit louder
Yeah, something inside has changed

“I am a mountain mover – Water walker
More than just an overcomer
Cause I’ve been set free
I am a gospel preacher – Heart on fire
Freedom singing – Testifier
Cause I’ve been redeemed
I am a believer
I am a believer

“I know this is not my home
I know I don’t walk alone
No matter what comes my way
I have peace through the trouble
I have joy though the struggle
And now my hope’s in a brighter day

“I am a child of the Father
An orphan, no longer
No doubt about who I am
I’m in the hands of the Healer
The arms of the Savior
His grace makes me who I am”

“His Grace makes me who I am” ~Amen!!
“So you are no longer a slave, but a [daughter], and if a [daughter], then an heir through God.” Galatians 4:7 ESV [Verse says ‘son’ not ‘daughter’ – I personalized it]
I am God’s daughter and my daddy is bigger and victorious over my struggle!

Today was an interesting day.  I normally eat low sugar and very healthy; and friend/co-worker all know I eat healthy – so my co-workers got fruit today (since I usually do not eat the food at our team gatherings).  I was thankful for their thoughtfulness and may have overindulged – Sugar rush!!! Then sugar crash!! Then the kick while I was down. Lemme tell you about it:

I am praying for so many big thing – I have mountains to move, I have water to walk on, I have to testify and bear witness of what God is doing! I’m on quite the mission over here. I keep myself encouraged in the Lord. I keep making myself focus on what I believe and not what I see.

And I (on my sugar crash and so tired) stumbled over a deep pain and learned it still hurts to the point where my heart raced and my tummy turned.
I am praying for a friend who has hurt me – a lot. Probably more than I can put into words. And so many times I don’t want to pray for him. I want to cut him off. I want my fleshly answer. But then… God reminds me I need to act Christ-like. I need to show love.

I got in my car at the end of my work day, still feeling the hurt. And… the above song is on the radio right at the beginning of the first chorus. I thanked God for encouraging me and reminding me I am his daughter!
“But by the grace of God I am what I am,” 1 Corinthians 15:10 NKJV

“What the enemy meant for evil, you turn it for good!!” and as the next song came on God took that pain and used it remind me of a few things:

  1. By my faith, and because I know that my prayers are prayed according to His Word and in the name of Jesus, the prayers prayed for my friend who has hurt me are answered with God’s grace and mercy – as well as my continued healing. Cause the enemy meant to knock me down today, slow me down, and maybe even stop me; and at that point I dug in deep with prayer winning back my joy and making progress in the heart of my friend (by faith).
  2. God used it to remind me how bad my friend was, how far my friend has come (and of course I am focused on how far he has to go). But for the first time I see how far he has come. I have a praise report here – Thank you Jesus!! It may be slow, small changes but they are happening!!
  3. And I was reminded how God is close to the broken hearted (Psalms 34:18) and when I cry, he cries with me (John 11:35). And when we think about this in this particular situation – we see some parallels:
    I love my friend. I want him to get his life right and our friendship restored.
    God loves my friend and wants him to get his life right and their relationship restored.
    I hurt because of choices my friend makes.
    God hurts over choices my friend makes.
    I pray fervently for my friend, and Jesus intercedes diligently for my friend, and the Holy Spirit cries and prevails for my friend, and God is doing everything in His power to draw my friend.

This is a deeper grace, to truly share in the pain God has over a lost sheep. This graces strengthens and moves me. I hope everyone can experience this.

Knowing I would be knocked around a little today, God sent me a verses today. I saw this verse in different places and in different Bible versions throughout the day:
“I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.” Psalms 40:1-2 NIV

The first time I saw it, I paused and thanks God for doing this for me and added a quick thanks for being in the process of doing this for my friend.

The second time I saw it, I paused and said – isn’t that funny.

The third time, was just before I sat down to do my bible study, and I thought I better pray it again: Lord I wait patiently, THANK YOU for hearing me and showing me your grace when I cry. Right now, Heavenly Father, please lift my friend out of the slimy pit, mud and mire as you have done for me!! Please set his feet on a rock with a firm place to stand – Lord, if you can do it for someone as sinful and stubborn as me, then please continue your work of doing it for my friend! Manifest your power for the glory of Christ and in his name – that more shall be saved. ~Amen!

Today got a little muddy for me. The pain was great and I cannot express how badly I wanted to hurt him back and to walk away. If not for the grace of God, I was able to hold my tongue and walk away. The pain kept me down and discouraged for a moment, but God pulled me out of it and placed me on a Rock with worship music to praise him and be comforted.

Be blessed knowing that the grace of God extends when you are sad and hurting – he is there to share in it with you. He hears you.
“being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” Philippians 1:6 NKJV
God will finish his work in you, me and in my friend.

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