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Little godly lesson as taught by a tiny 10 pound rescue puppy named Lilli. Yes – that is Lilli, sleeping peacefully and sweet in the profile picture. But rest assured her lessons are not sleepy.

These were previously only found on Facebook and Instagram. However due to the popularity,
I have decided to archive them here on
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Today’s lesson is: seek God first and just love God (Matthew 6:33).
This morning as I took my coffee to the living room I looked at Lilli sleeping in her bed.
“Come on, Bird.” I said to her. (I don’t know why I call her Bird, but I do.)
She races me to the living room dragging her pink blanket with her and there she waited for me. She waited expectantly. I put down the coffee and picked her up and placed her on my lap. She rolled and rubbed herself all over the sofa and me.
You see, she woke up and all she wanted was time with me and love. She didn’t have any further requests; she trusts that I will provide for her today. She just woke up excited to be able to be in my presence and to spend time with me. And she searched my eyes to see if I was happy to love her back.
I snuggled her and praised God for her! But I couldn’t help but think:
Did I wake up this morning excited to spend time with my master, my Lord, and my God? Did I just want love and time with Him? Did I look for the love of my Father, first thing this morning while I sent all my love to Him? Did I wake up bursting with genuine love for my God?
There are some big problems in Lilli’s world. Some she isn’t even aware of. She knows the principle of seeking the master first, then everything else is taken care of. It comes natural in her love for me and her gratitude from being saved from an abusive situation. So with everything going on in the world, I let Lilli climb into my lap and be safe and sheltered from it all – and I prayed that I can be more like Silly Lilli.
I know I am not her God – nor am I any form of God. I am her human master, that is it. But it does make me think that if she can love a human this much after being abused, then how much more should we love an infallible Mighty God?
Dear Lord, Please give us the heart for you. Help us wake up eager to just spend time with you – giving and receiving love from you just because we are thankful and just because we love you. Let us look forward to another day where we can be in your presence. Let us build a relationship with you in love – like a silly broken rescue puppy loves her master. In the name of Jesus we pray ~ amen

Originally published on March 6, 2021

Today’s lesson is humility and correct responses.
“But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6 ESV
Lilli is a naughty little girl. Partly because she was never taught right and partly because she was badly abused so she doesn’t respond well to training (she isn’t even food motivated).
So yesterday afternoon, I was working on my laptop and I had to get up for a moment and walk a crossed the room. Lilli shuffled herself on the sofa and when I returned she was looking quite guilty. She did not realize I watched her steal my snack from the end table.
It made me think about the fact that when we give into temptation we forget that God is always watching.
Then – Lilli’s reaction when she realized she was caught was just the most perfect (and dramatic) repentance ever!!! First, she opened her mouth and let it drop out. Then, she pulled her ears back and looked so sad. As I reached to take it away, she slowly and respectfully laid down and rolled onto her back in complete submission. (As we continue to work with her it is also enjoyable to see her NOT cower in fear.)
Although we could focus on the fact that most of the time, we humans, do not even realize God is watching or that we HAVE BEEN caught – whereas Lilli was at least that discerning. And it usually takes us getting caught by another human for us to turn from our sins. Instead let’s focus on Lilli’s humility. Her humility changed the outcome. She immediately repented (dropped it) and respectfully submitted completely in humility. This is how God wants us to respond when we slip up, slide away, or even blatantly sin – respond in humility. (Side note: God doesn’t want us cowering in fear of Him either. We do need respectful fear of the Lord, but we are not abused children.)
Lilli was wrong and per some training guides, she deserved physical correction. (Not to be beat as she once had, but some sort of correction.) But my heart melted and was turned towards her in ALL GRACE when I saw her proper response! Like the verse above in James – God also looks at us extending more grace when we humble ourselves.
It may not be “proper training” but I released my firm look and bend down to her and snuggled my face up on hers. I picked her up and held her. She did not get my snack (the garbage got my snack). But she did earn grace and love.
Dear Lord, Please forgive us when we sin – and help us to have a correct response to you. Let us remember our position, remember your authority and be humble in our repentance. Thank you, Lord, for pouring out more grace upon is when we respond correctly. Thank you for loving us. In the name of Jesus we pray ~ amen

Today’s lesson is fear and the Lord’s help.
“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10 ESV

And poor little Lilli spun around in circles and laid on the floor shaking and frozen all at the same time. Poor little Lilli. The big crow knocked over the bird feeder again and it banged against the porch.
I walked over to Lilli calmly and swooped her up in my arms. Lillibird, you are my puppy and this is your house as well as mine. You should jump up into that window and bark and chase those birds away! Don’t you know I have adopted you and you are my child?! Don’t you know I have given you authority over any birds or rodents and you have the power to chase them away?! Don’t you know you are a princess here?! Don’t you know you have NOTHING to fear?!?! And as I held her tight and safe in my right arm (as I was opening the door to the porch with my left) I realized – This is how God will “uphold you with my righteous right hand”. And I stepped out on the porch with Lilli in my arm and she grew strong in spirit knowing she had me right there – so she perked up and started to bark! And I see how God “will strengthen you, I will help you”!
Little Silly Lilli Shouldn’t fear – and neither should we.
Dear Lord, Please forgive us for not trusting that you are near and help us not be afraid. Thank you, Lord, for pouring out more grace upon us and picking us up and strengthening us in our moment of need. Thank you for loving us. In the name of Jesus we pray ~ amen

Today’s lesson is staying in the light.
“While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. These things spake Jesus, and departed, and did hide himself from them.” John 12:36 KJV
The weather is warming up here and Lilli has spent the days following the light. It shines in through the windows and rests on the floor where she will lay in it until the sun moves and she needs to move to stay in the light. I know when I sit or lay in a lighted patch like that – it feels so good! Especially this time of year after a long winter.
Lilli chases the light from the floor of my studio across the house into the living room and up onto the sofa. While in the light she is either feeling safe and is asleep or she is looking up into the light.
“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7 KJV
I wonder, is God speaking with her? If I stay in the light spiritually, and look into the light I know God speaks with me. I know that after having experienced it, and knowing it is good and feels good, I want to live in that all the time!
I need to be like Lilli and follow the light, move in the light, and stay in the light!
Dear Lord, Please help us find your light and stay in it. Thank you, Lord, for pouring out your grace and light upon us.. Thank you for loving us. In the name of Jesus we pray ~ amen

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